Angels Are Free

By Doolin’

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  1. Eileen Curran
    Pressed For Time
    The High
  2. Angels Are Free
  3. Hallowill
    The Hopeful
  4. The Exotic
    Cowboys And Angels
    Woody Woodpolka
  5. Teahan’s Favorite
  6. Intensive Care
    Hope Of Mankind
  7. Johnny Allen’s
    Kitty’s Gone A-Milking
    The Concert
    Sligo Creek
  8. Big Dan O’Mahony
  9. When Will We Be Married
  10. Valse Salee
    Valse Du Patis
  11. 5\4\6\4
  12. Peter Murphy’s
    Creeping Docken
    The Humours Of Whiskey

One comment

Doolin’ is a French outfit consisting of — Wilfried Besse (accordian, vocals), Nicolas Besse (guitar), Josselin Fournel (bodhran), Guilhem Cavaille (fiddle), Jacob Fournel (whistles), and Sébastien Saunié (bass).

Tune credits —
1. Trad. / Gordon Duncan / Trad.
2. Nicolas Besse (song)
3. Wilfried Besse (jigs)
4. Wilfried Besse (polkas)
5. Trad.
6. Jacob Fournel / Josselin Fournel (jigs)
7. Trad. (reels)
8. Trad. (hornpipe)
9. Trad. (song and jig)
10. Guilhem Cavaillé / Nicolas Besse (valses)
11. Doolin’
12. Trad.

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