Smoking On The Bog

By Spud

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  1. Tickle Your Fancy
  2. Anna Livia
  3. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Tonight
  4. The Farmer’s Cursed Wife
  5. Scarlett
  6. The Nine Points Of Roguery
  7. Full Scale Love
  8. Gusty’s Frolics
  9. Waves Rise And Fall
  10. For Shame Of Doing Wrong

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This is Spud’s third and final album, originally released in 1977 and reissued by Kissing Spell on CD in 2008 (and already deleted).

Sadly, the masters for the band’s debut ‘A Silk Purse’ have gone missing, so it’s unlikely ever to see the light of day as a CD.

The band can also be blamed for bringing Paul McGuinness into action. He was cajoled into becoming its manager by fiddler Don Knox and subsequently went on to mastermind U2’s attempts at global domination.

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