Double Play

By Liz Carroll And John Doyle

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  1. The Chandelier
    Anne Lacey’s
  2. Before The Storm
    The Black Rogue
  3. A Pound A Week Rise
  4. Lament For Tommy Makem
    Within A Hen’s Kick
    The Slippery Slope
  5. Nearby, Long Ago
  6. Ricky’s White Face
    The Boys From Bolinas
  7. Down At The Wakehouse
    The True Love Of My Heart
  8. Paddy Glackin’s Trip To Dingle
    On The Lam
    The Waves At Dingle
    The Top Of The Stairs
  9. John Cahill’s
    Tommy Doyle’s
  10. The Hare’s Lament
    Pat Mahon’s
  11. Castle Kelly
    Galway Rambler
  12. Little Christmas
    The Old Course
    The Twilight Child
  13. Rushin’ Dressing
    The Quitter
    Remove The Rug

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This is successor to 2005’s ‘In Play’ - - and, in addition to Liz and John, features Kenny Malone (percussion) and John R. Burr (organ).

Composition details:

1.1 & 1.2 LC;

2.1 JD;

3 Ed Pickford;

4.1, 4.2 & 4.3 LC;

5 LC;

6.1 LC, 6.2 JD;

7.2 & 7.3 LC;

8.1 Paddy Glackin, 8.2 JD, 8.3 Tom Fleming & 8.4 LC;

9.1 LC, 9.2 JD;

10.2 LC;

11.2 LC;

12.1 JD, 12.2 LC & 12.3 JD;

13.1, 13.2 & 13.3 LC.

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….due for release March 3 2009. If it’s as good as In Play, it’ll be on my shopping list.

…….but "percussion and organ"?????


this is a brilliant album. I listened to it 4 times over on a road trip to San Francisco last weekend.
Definitely pick this one up when it’s out.

Tune on "A Pound a Week Rise"

Anyone know the name of the tune Liz plays as the instrumental for this song?

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New Liz Carroll CD

Looks like there is one on the horizon - Tom Carroll (her brother and manager) says:

"Actually, a new solo album is in the works, for recording this year (2012) and to be released - well, we’re not sure yet, but likely in the coming year."

Looking forward to that one!