Dig With It

By Randal Bays, Dave Marshall And Willie Bays

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Dig With It

The title of Randal Bay’s latest recording comes from the last three words in Seamus Heaney’s poem "Digging".

The Master’s Degree March and Friday Harbor are original compositions of Randal Bays. Crotty’s Glory was written by James Kelly. Finbar Curtin’s is by Brad Hurley. Elanor Kane’s is by Ed Reavy. Coen’s Memories is by Tommy Coen. The Blue Whale is by Willie Bays who joins his proud father on the set in his first recording.

The tune Tá Na Paipeir Dhá Saighneáil is translated on the recording as "The Papers are Being Signed".

This is a throughly enjoyable recording with some great old tunes.