The Humours Of Altan

By Valerio

  1. Johnny Todd (song)
    Trip Down Under
  2. Le Train De 19h
    Soleil D’Octobre
  3. Promenade
  4. Lake Of Shadows
  5. The Great Valerio (song)
  6. 1932
    Tribute To Mairtin
  7. La Nuit Passé (song)
  8. Nany
  9. Amsterdam Rainy Bridge Kiss
  10. The Woman From Tuam
  11. The Little Rabbit
    The Humours Of Altan
  12. Black Is The Colour
  13. Seanamhac Tube Station
    The White Petticoat
  14. The Daisy Field
    Paddy Ryan’s Dream

Three comments

Valerio - The Humours Of Altan

Valerio is the name of the group and the disk is titled “The humours of Altan” after one of the tunes. A charming example of the type of continental recordings that mix Irish and non-Irish music in a smooth way.
Several of the tunes are original and beautiful!

In track 3, the second tune is another hop jig - not the same as the first (despite the linking).

Who plays what

Kieran Fahy: fiddle. Serge Desaunay: button accordion. Julien Biget: vocals/guitar/bouzouki/bodhran. Julien Favreuille: soprano sax.