Fresh Canadian Fiddle Tunes

By Brian Pickell

  1. Sulphur Creek
    Go Lie Down
    Champagne Breakfast
    Ray Couture
  2. Cheerful James
    Buttermilk Hill
  3. Muriel’s
    Sourgrass And Granite
    Waiting For Emilie
  4. The End Of Winter
    The Silversmith
  5. North Saskatchewan
  6. The Apprentice
    The Millwright’s Daughter
  7. Pierre’s Right Arm
  8. Benoit’s Pool
    The French River Bridge
  9. Born Of A Summer’s Day
  10. Mulligan’s Clog
    The Red Braid
    Iron Bob
  11. C
    Sandy Hook
  12. Nightbirds
    The Tenth Of April
    The Boy Comes Home
  13. Coming Home
  14. My Father’s Desk
  15. The Hiccup Jig (or From Galway To Orkney)
    Burnt River
    Leslie And Bibbs
    Three Day Blow
    Chasing Squirrels

Two comments

How to get it

This CD of wonderful new stuff is available from As of this writing (October 23, 2001), Sourgrass and Granite is up on thesession and Pierre’s Right Arm and Muriel’s Waltz at least are expected soon.

—-Michael B.

Re: Fresh Canadian Fiddle Tunes

As far as I can tell from Brian Pickell’s website, this album has been discontinued. "More Fresh Canadian Fiddle Tunes" is available and scores for tunes from both of those albums are available in the books of the same names with some other tunes that appear on other albums. But as far as I can tell, this album is now unavailable to buy anywhere. Nor is it available for streaming on Spotify or any other digital source. It’s a shame because it is one of my top 5 favourite CD’s of life and I treasure it. I wish I could share it with others but can’t buy more copies as of this writing in April of 2017