Celtic Fiddle

By Jeremy Kittel

One comment

It’s good.

My comments probably don’t do this album justice, but it’s safe to say that Jeremy Kittel knows what he’s doing.

“Exuberant renditions of traditional and original Scottish, Irish and Cape Breton fiddle tunes by the 2000 US National Scottish Fiddle Champion; with guitar, bouzouki and piano accompaniment.”

Kittel plays with great musicality, and clearly has command over the technical aspects of his fiddling as well. His ornamentations are abundant but prudently used.

I was starting to learn the instrument and some basic fiddle tunes when I got this album, and it was from this album that I noticed some “graduate level fiddling” in how he used his ornaments. I’m happy to say I got a good idea of what roll was by listening to “My Former Wife” and searching this site for descriptions about ornamentation.

There’s a kind of youthful/playfulness that’s captured in his playing, but at the same time, his performance of “Well May Charlie Wear the Crown” reflects a mature and contemplative quality to his character and style.

I’m probably biased, because Jeremy Kittel is one of my fiddle heroes after I heard his other album “Roaming” and also hails from Michigan, but I think it’s worth owning this album.