Wae’s Me For Prince Charlie

By Battlefield Band

  1. Pipe Major George Allan
  2. Wae’s Me For Prince Charlie
  3. Lady Madelaine Sinclair
    The Spey In Spate
    The Duke Of Perth
  4. The Hieland Sodger
  5. The Streaker
    The Wee Man From Skye
    The Irish Washerwife
  6. The Arran Boat
    The Canty Auld Man
    Drummond Castle
  7. The Lothian Hairst
  8. The Barngann Gil
  9. Mormond Braes
  10. Cherish The Ladìes
    The Rambling Pitchfork

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released as an LP in 1978.
featuring Ian McDonald and 3 different kinds of pipes and the usual McM’enemies!

Check out the beautiful title track and Mormond Braes!
It has an interesting version of the Rambling pitchfork ; with flattened 7th (mixolydian setting)

Re: Wae’s Me For Prince Charlie

Hi. Does anyone know if this album is available as a CD? I came across one of the sets (track 3) on YouTube and really enjoyed it. I couldn’t find a cd of it online but that’s not to say there’s not one.

Re: Wae’s Me For Prince Charlie

It’s not even listed on the Battlefield Band’s website.

According to Discogs it was originally released by a Breton label called Escalibur, part of Arfolk, which was bought by another company called Coop Breizh in 1985. The current label is Temple Records. Maybe they don’t own the rights to that album and that’s why it’s not listed.

All the albums listed on their website are available as a digital download with sleeve nots for a very fair price. It’s a shame this one isn’t one of them.

Re: Wae’s Me For Prince Charlie

I think this may have been a recording made in France, possibly the “Escalibur” label, but that’s from seeing a copy only once about 30 odd years ago, and could be wrong. The piper “Ian MacDonald” is not the Iain MacDonald from Glenuig who later joined the band. I’d be 99% certain that this never made it onto CD, but you never know. You could ask “birlbirdie” who posted it. If that fails, I can get in touch with John Gahagan, who might know more.
PS - this from the Wikipedia “Battlefield Band” discography :
“Farewell to Nova Scotia (1976) (Escalibur label) (first released on the Breton label Arfolk as Scottish Folk (1976))”

Re: Wae’s Me For Prince Charlie

Thanks everyone. I will message the original poster of the recording. I have listened to some of their other music from Temple Records and it is great.
I had wondered if it was Iain MacDonald from Ossian.

Re: Wae’s Me For Prince Charlie

Sad to hear about Iain.

Yes this album would deserve to be digitalised. And known to a wider audience (outside France!)
It was part of a great epoch making releases…

Re: Wae’s Me For Prince Charlie

Thanks so much for uploading that, Kenny!