The Back Of Beyond

By Kevin Moyna

  1. Pinch Of Snuff
    Ómos John Doherty
    An Ed Reavy
  2. The Galway Ghost
  3. The First House In Connacht
  4. The Conamara Shuffle
    Trippin’ Up The Stairs
  5. Johnny Be Fine-song
  6. The Gold Ring
  7. The Fountain
  8. The Eavesdropper
  9. The Back Of Beyond
  10. The Verdant Braes Of Screen
  11. The Trumpet
  12. A Place Where Life Is Worth Living
  13. The Blackbird And The Briar
    The Salamanca
  14. The Welcome Visitor
  15. Today I Got Your Letter, Lovely!

Two comments

The Back of Beyond MOY001 released1996

Debut album of New York City based musician singer/composer Kevin Moyna . Privileged guest appearances of Tommy Peoples and Gerry Gyves

MOY 001 released1996 in Germany/Ireland

Please edit this listing.

Firstly it appears as ‘Kevin Kevin Moyna’.

Secondly, because you’ve included descriptors, several of the tunes do not link to the database.


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