Irish Madness

By Kierah

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  1. Irish Madness
  2. Madame Bonaparte
    Devil’s Dream
    The Mason’s Apron
  3. Window Seat
  4. St. Anne’s
    Crazy M.A.C.K.
  5. Swallow Tail
    Drowsey Maggie
  6. Lime Hill
  7. Dance Of The Leprechaun
    Joe’s Dedication
  8. A Mother’s Love
    Daddy’s Girl
  9. Tam Lyn’s
  10. Caribou Shuffle
  11. Huggin’s Farewell
    Sale Y Vale
    The Flannery Chuckle

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Kierah—Irish Madness

It’s a great CD. High energy and excellent playing throughout —accompanied by guitarist Andy Hillhouse (Mad Pudding/The McDades) Kierah wrote 9 of the tunes and the CD was nominated by the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2008 for Best Young Performer. She’s amazing to watch if you ever get a chance. I saw her twice in Cape Breton during the Celtic Colors Festival. The music doesn’t all sound the same—good tune choices and blending of her own tunes with traditional tunes

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