By Queen’s Gambit

  1. Campbell’s Farewell To Red Gap
    The Horse Bransle
  2. Farewell Marianne
  3. Korobushka
  4. Lord Inchiquin
  5. Cooley’s
  6. Dennis Murphy’s
    John Ryan’s
    Ger The Rigger
    O’Sullivan’s Polkas
  7. Galway Races
  8. Metal Man
  9. The South Wind
    Hole In The Wall
  10. Boys Of Blue Hill
    The Harvest Home
  11. Banish Misfortune
  12. Brian Boru’s March
  13. Whiskey Before Breakfast
    Staten Island
  14. Galway Shawl
  15. River’s
  16. Highland Farewell

One comment

About “Fianchetto”

We really thought we were done putting out CDs for a while. So then a friend comes up to us right after we’d played “River’s” during a gig and says “So when are ya’ll gonna record that?”

After answering that same question after just about every instrumental, we caved, big time, and began the journey toward putting out an “instrumental CD”.

These are tunes that we’ve been doing for some time, mostly, and as we play at several venues where Waltzes are dearly loved, it’s waltz-heavy. The dance tune “Korobushka” made the cut, and a couple of tunes from the 1651 Playford Dance Master are also in here. For the aficionados, we’ve got some up-tempo reels, jigs, and hornpipes as well.

A couple of tunes are really special to us; “River’s” is an amalgamation of Greg Edmonson’s “River’s Dance” from the Firefly episode “Lost” (which was based on the traditional tune “The Sailor’s Wife), and Cedric the Fiddler’s two verses of ”River’s Jig“, which he wrote as a tribute to Greg’s tune and recorded on the Bedlam Bards’ CD ”On the Drift“. We wrote the final verse which is based on the Playford tune ”Black Nag".

Chris Arterburn of the group “Spriggan” wrote the music to “Highland Farewell”, which was originally put to the words of the poem by the same name by Robert Burns. We liked the music, and have yet to hear the words….

Since this CD was released at our live shows in the Summer of 2007, our two new members, Becky and Nikki, are quickly coming into their own as our new fiddler and whistler. And now we’ve added a second fiddler, DJ!

We hope you enjoy!