En Passant

By Queen’s Gambit

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Regarding “En Passant”

Celtic music groups nearly all have a solid background of traditional Irish and Scottish music in their histories. But at some point, the “turn” is reached and the group goes on to the next level…writing their own tunes, developing their own style, and branching out of the “traditional” venues of coffee houses, SCA events and renaissance festivals and into modern Irish bars, Irish and Scottish clan celebrations and gatherings, and amplified music.

This fourth CD from Queen’s Gambit marks that turn for this traditional Celtic group. From here, the harmonies and instrumental blends move up to the next level, but still rooted firmly in the Irish and Scottish heritage that has carried us thus far.

“En Passant” is a recording of “the rest of the songs”, the ones we have been doing, some since the very beginning four years ago, but hadn’t recorded yet, and a reprise of three tracks from the first CD, “Opening Move - Take Two”. This makes the collection pretty much complete, and the place to go from here beckons us like a lovely lass waving to us from the streets of the city. So after this, we come out of the bloomin’ heather, and dip a toe into the mainstream. Please enjoy the music! Your enjoyment is what keeps us coming back to the studio and recording!