Pawn To King Four

By Queen’s Gambit

  1. Rambles Of Spring
  2. P Is For Paddy
  3. If I Was A Blackbird
  4. One I Love
  5. Come Out, Ye Black & Tans
  6. Foggy Dew
  7. Spanish Lady
  8. Fields Of Athenry
  9. From Clare To Here
  10. Spancilhill
  11. Grania By Brian Leo
  12. Minstrel Boy
  13. Threes By Mercedes Lackey
  14. Where Are You Tonight
  15. Irish Lullabye
  16. Johnny Jump Up
  17. The Sandman
  18. Dat Du Min Leevsten Buest
  19. Health To The Company

One comment

Regarding "Pawn to King Four"

In this powerful mix of traditional Celtic music, emphasis shifts between the soft solace of superb vocal blend and the driving rhythms of Irish rebellion songs.

Queen’s Gambit is an Oklahoma-based Celtic music group that focuses on the "Traditional" Irish and Scottish Music. Members are; Bruce Cannon who has joined forces with his youngest daughter, Amber and his wife, Susi Matthews Cannon to create tightly woven harmonies, giving a new polyphonic twist to old Celtic traditional songs….with the occasional shot from left field

"Pawn to King Four" is their second CD project. Their website is at"