Opening Move - Take Two

By Queen’s Gambit

  1. Star Of The County Down
  2. Step It Out Mary
  3. Banks Of The Lee
  4. I’ll Tell My Ma
  5. Loch Lomond
    Red Is The Rose
  6. The Scotsman
  7. The Blue Ribbon
  8. The Rocky Road To Dublin
  9. Streets Of London
  10. Queen Of Argyle
  11. Ramblin’ Rover
  12. Lass Of The Low Countrie
  13. The Water Is Wide
  14. Kilkelly
  15. Wild Mountain Thyme

One comment

Regarding “Opening Move”

This is the first CD from Queen’s Gambit, the Oklahoma-based Celtic band specializing in Irish and Scottish traditional music, with a side order of English Folk, dance, and Renaissance music for entertainment at any function.

Having been given a name that is both a chess move and a pun on real life, we decided that all our CDs had to have chess-related names; thus the string of odd CD titles! We’ve had help since it should be noted that none of us plays chess!

Baby, we’ve come a long way since this first one…from three members to five and from naiveté to a greater musical complexity.