On Common Ground

By Cillian Vallely And Kevin Crawford

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Great playing and nice selection of tunes on this CD but I can’t wishing there was not any guitar/zouk backing on this CD. Most of the tunes are played on C pipes and C flute-a straight duet would be my choice. In this same vein the only slow air is played which I think is in concert pitch.

Still a lovely recording.

best cd for me for a good while,…….

On Common Ground

Eventually I got the CD, which hasn’t left my player since. It’s just brillant including the sound quality. I bought it together with ‘The Leitrim Equation’ and recognised some tunes I learned in workshops with Kevin, which brought back great memories. I can really recommend buying these two CDs, nice selection of tunes and especially when it comes to slow reels like The Days around Lahinch and the The Man from Moyasta you have the familiar sound of Lunasa CDs with two whistles and harmonies, and great accompaniment too.
Great stuff!

The Birds Hornpipe, track 7a

T:The Bird’s Hornpipe
T:Grogan’s Hornpipe
B:Fliúit - Irish Traditional Flute Tutor (with 2 Companion CDs) by June McCormack
D:Toss the Feathers - Columbus Eclipse, track 7a
D:Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford - On Common Ground, track 7a
D:June McCormack - Fliúit - Irish Traditional Flute Tutor Disc 2, track 11
Z:June McCormack
ce |: g2ga gecG | cega g2 eg | azab ageg | ageg azba |!
gage d2ed | cdeg azag | eged cAdc |1 AzGB ABce :|2 A2GB Azed ||!
|: cAAG AcBA | GEDE GzAB | cAAG ABcd | e ~g3 aged |!
cAAG AABA | GEDE GzEG | AzAc BAGB |1 A2GB A2ed :|2 A2GB A2 ||

Re: On Common Ground

The second tune on track 9 not the polka linked, but this one https://thesession.org/tunes/1540. AKA Throw Away The Keys…specifically setting X: 5 posted by ‘gam’. I tried to update it, but it didn’t seem to work

Re: On Common Ground

the second tune on track 7 is not the Jim Ward’s linked here…I’ll try and figure it out and post/edit as necessary when I find time