The Early Recordings Of Angus Chisholm

By Angus Chisholm

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Shanachie 14001 (1978)

An old LP recorded by Shanachie records in 1978. Scottish fiddle.

Not exactly……

It was released by Shanachie in 1978, but the recordings are much older, from the 1940s, I seem to remember, but I’d need to check the sleeve notes. Sorry to be so pedantic.

some further reading:-

The Irish

I’ve tried to update track 12 to read The Irish Hornpipe so that it doesn’t come up on loads of searches, ie, Sheepskin and Beeswax, but it won’t update. It’s not remotely the same tune!

There were so many errors with this entry it is hard to know were to start. Some were due to mistakes when the recording was listed here but also the track listing on the original album was terrible. I was uncertain how best to do this but I have decided to put in corrected tune names if there was no option to put the alternate names on the listing of the actual tunes but I will note the original names below.

The corrections are: 1) track 2 was called “Medley of Inverness Jigs” but I have listed the correct tune names, 2) track 4 only listed two tunes but there are in fact three, as the one “Miss Lyall” is in fact the strathspey and reel, 3) track 7 the last tune is called “Braes Of Glencoe” but this name is nonsense and it should in fact be “Argyle Bowling Green”, 4) track 9, the 2nd tune is the Cape Breton version of the “Mucking of Geordie’s Byre”, 5) track 10 is listed on the album of having 3 tunes but in fact only has two, there is no tune called “Bob Johnson’s March” so I have deleted it from above, 6) “The Archivist’s” problem with the Hornpipe called “The Irish” is removed by giving the tune it’s proper name of “O’Connor’s Favourite”

The Early Recordings Of Angus Chisholm — correct tune links

The first tune of the first track is the BFmaj “Newcastle” hornpipe that is also known as “Prince Albert’s.” –

The second tune of the fourth track is the Amin reel “Miss Lyall” which is also known as “Paddy Ryan’s Dream.” –

The second tune of the eleventh track is the double-tonic Gmaj jig by Robert Mackintosh titled “Miss Sophia Campbell,” which is given as “Mrs. McGee” on this recording. –