Are We There Yet?

By Cora Smyth

  1. Seansky March
  2. 50 Cent
  3. Gypsy’s Skip
  4. To The Tequila Bar
  5. Echo Fidelis
  6. Valentino
  7. Double O
  8. Banyuls
  9. The Musical Priest
    Red Haired Lass
    Green Garters
  10. Sinking The Ark
  11. Tranquillo
  12. Sergeant Early’s Dream

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To The Tequila Bar

This seems to be a variation on Trip to Pakistan

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Re: To the Tequila Bar

Oh, well now, I guess I spoke too soon with my earlier post. The first tune in the set is definitely Alice’s reel, but there is a second tune later on that I didn’t listen long enough to hear before. My apologies to Paudy; the second tune is clearly related to Trip to Pakistan, although it is highly stylized and the number of parts varies from repetition to repetition.

Re: Are We There Yet?

Cora’s the fiddle-playing sister of Breda (whistle and fiddle) and Seán (fiddle and whistle) Smyth of Lúnasa.

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