The Crooked Picture

By Reelan

  1. Laura’s
    The Bauld Joey
    Sharon O’ Leary’s
  2. Johnny Of The Grove
  3. The Crooked Picture
  4. The Hurtleberry
    The Fiery Blossom
    The Poetic Warriors
  5. Maids Marry Young
  6. Mother Says
    The Old House
  7. Sandie’s Dream
    Pearls For Ashley
  8. The White Owl
    Luke The Fiddler
  9. A Soldier’s Grave
  10. The Ladies Of Blackhill
    The Generous Aunt
  11. The Girls Of Rathmines
    The Doll’s House
  12. A May Wedding

Three comments

Great new recording of Original Irish Music

All tunes and songs composed by Sandie Purcell.

Sandie Purcell (Fiddle/B.Vocals)
Rossagh Purcell (Vocals)
Sharon O’Leary (Concertina)
Aoife Mullen (Fiddle)
Andy Meaney (Guitar)

More information ?

Is it any good ? Tell us more about the musicians, please.

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