Loosely Connected

By Niamh Parsons

  1. Katie Campbell’s Rambles
    Streets Of Forbes
  2. Tinkerman’s Daughter
  3. Little Big Time
  4. Lover’s Ghost
  5. Man Of Arran
  6. North Amerikay
  7. We Two People
  8. One Morning In May
  9. Play A Merry
  10. Where Are You (Tonight I Wonder)
  11. Don’t Give Your Heart Away

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The Loose Connections

Published in 1995.
All tracks are songs -some traditional- bar an instrumental jewel of a track:
An electrifying version of the Man of Arran (sic) by the Loose Connections, namely John McSherry (who also beautifully introduces the album) on pipes and low whistle, his brother Paul on guitar, the late Dave Early on drums, Dee Moore on bass, Eddie Friel on keyoards. What an amazing sound!

Yep, it’s a fine album, but the OP has omitted ‘Streets of Forbes’ , the song that follows ‘Katie Campbell’s Rambles’. Also, it was issued in 1992, not 1995.

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Thanks Scutcher, I’ve rectified the list of tracks.
1992 makes sense; the band was active then + I first heard the album in the summer of 1993…!