Brathar Na NÓl

By Monks Of The Screw

  1. Patrick O’Connor’s
    Patrick O’Connor’s
  2. Saddle The Pony
    The One After It
  3. Reavey’s
    The Doon
  4. Bridgie Con Matt’s
    Bridgie Con Matt’s
  5. Máirín Geal Dubh
  6. Breton Dance Tune
    La Valse Eccossaise
  7. Sonny Riordan’s
    Tom Billy’s
  8. Up In The Morning Early
    Mick Lynch’s
  9. Paddy Cronin’s
    Pay The Girl Her Fourpence
  10. The Old Walls Of Liscarroll
  11. Lament For Eily Monica
  12. Thadelo’s
    Tom Billy’s
  13. Molly Morrissey’s
  14. Denise
    The Blue Danube

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Timmy O’Connor: Accordion
Paudy Scully: Flute
Tim Browne: Fiddle - Bouzouki - Mandolin
John Drew: Mando-Cello
Dan Curtin: Fiddle - Feet
Timmy O’Shea: Guitar - Vocals

one of my favorite CDs - I’m surprised it wasn’t here already


Was playing with some friends last Thursday - they were saying that this recording hadn’t been posted yet, and I meant to do it , and here it is. Some of the tunes on this are original compositions by Timmy O’Connor, I seem to recall, and fine tunes too.

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