By Frank Simon

  1. Tom Steel
    Ormond Sound
  2. Doherty’s Favourite
    Tom Busby’s
    The Stolen Purse
  3. Jim McKillop’s
    Gan Ainm
  4. Sporting Paddy
    The Wheels Of The World
  5. The Kesh
    The Bird’s View
  6. Kilty Town
    The Twelve Pins
  7. The Storekeeper
    The Tamlin
  8. The Southwest Wind
    The Petticoat Loose
  9. Paddy Killoran’s
  10. The Woodcock
    The Feather Hammer
  11. The Plains Of Boyle
    Times Of Joy
  12. Lord MacDonalds

Two comments

Recording by Roscommon guitarist Frank Simon, originally from the early 1990s. Frank uses standard tuning and prefers to play in closed positions.
Additional Musicians:
Eugene Kelly - Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar
Jimmy Higgins - Bodhran and Assorted Percussion
Produced by - Frank Simon and Eugene Kelly

if you get rid of all the things in brackets then the tune names will link to this recording