Spring Any Day Now - Music Of 18th Century Scotland

By David Greenberg

  1. Spring Any Day Now
  2. Pearlin Peggie’s Bonny, Or, The Laird Of Foveran
    The Kail Reets Of Fittie
    The Warld’s Gane O’er Me Now
  3. Martyrs
    O Lusty May
  4. Invercald’s Rant
    The Fyket
    Janny Nettles
  5. Ellun Sotiisi
    Kruunupyyn Katrilli
    Laitisen Mankeliska
  6. Echidna’s Arf (of You)
  7. My Bonny Laddie Has My Heart
    Roseate Tern
  8. The Bonniest Lass In A The Warld
  9. Norrgarden Nyvla
    Szapora From Kalotaszeg
  10. Good To Get Home
  11. Hit Her On The Bum
  12. Up In The Morning Early
  13. Swingin’ Jim Johnson’s Birthday Blues
    Dad’s Day ‘87
  14. Lachlann Dubh

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Posts it 3 years ago………..not a peep. It’s not a recording of traditional Irish music, so what’s the justification for posting it here ?

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Released in 2003.


"Music of 18th century Scotland and elsewhere

David Greenberg – violin
David McGuinness – harpsichord and piano
With Concerto Caledonia"

1. Spring any day now (Fred Frith)

2. Pearlin Peggie’s Bonny, or, the Laird of Foveran / The Kail Reets of Fittie / The Warld’s gane o’er me now

3. Martyrs / O lusty May

4. Invercald’s Rant / The Fyket / Janny Nettles

5. Ellun Sotiisi (Arto jarvela) / Kruunupyyn Katrilli (Timo Alakotila) / Laitisen Mankeliska (Mauno Jarvela / Timo Alakotila)

6. Echidna’s Arf (of You) (Frank Zappa)

7. My Bonny Laddie has my heart / Roseate Tern (Paul Stewart Cranford)

8. The Bonniest Lass in a the Warld (William McGibbon)

9. Norrgarden Nyvla (Fred Frith) / Szapora from Kalotaszeg

10. Good to get home (David McGuiness)

11. Hit her on the Bum (Robert Bremner)

12. Up in the morning early (Robert Bremner)

13. Swingin’ Jim Johnson’s Birthday Blues (David Greenberg) / Dad’s Day ’87 (David Greenberg)

14. Lachlann Dubh

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