Ebony And Brass

By Marc Pollier

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But on the sleeve it’s ‘Marco’, for it’s how he’s often called in France…
This is really a very good pipe recording, made in whole respect for the tradition.

More info on his own space:

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Wonderful recording

I met this man, Marco Pollier, a couple of weeks back, for he was featuring a "folk bal", playing in his actual band called "Silver Squid" which was invited by other French folk bands including "Le Groupe Sans Gain" and "Les Alérions". That was in Moselle, Lorraine, in the North East of France.

I immediately fell in love with his playing and could barely say a word during the performance, for it was heaven on stage. I remember that all the other bands’ players were sitting like children in front of the stage, with tears of admiration in their eyes.

I am French myself and have been very fond of Irish music for many years. I had the opportunity to speak with the man, who gave me a couple of tips, because I am fairly interested in the uillean pipes. I wish I could one day acquire a set of uillean pipes and have at least only 10% of his genius.

This album is very traditional and should be listened to by every lover of true traditional Irish music. Go for it. Bless this man.