By The Kilfenora Céilí Band

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Their best ever --

This is a wonderful selection of tunes and a memorable recording. Ten great musicians in top form. Better than you’d ever think a ceili band could be - crisp , clear, in tune. It is exciting and vital music. How could it not be - Tim Collins, Garry Shannon, Anthony Quigney, to mention only three great players.

More here: http://www.kilfenoraceiliband.com

Kilfenora Céilí Band CD “Century”

Thanks for posting this Cocus. It’s definitely the best Céilí band recording I’ve ever heard both from the performance quality and also choice of tunes. Looking forward to hearing them live at the Kilfenora Festival and also on the Saturday night concert at Fleadh Nua.

Primrose Polka

Great version of this tune. I heard Gary Shannon and Tim Collins play the tune a couple of years ago and learned it as best I could. Now I have to relearn parts of it and add the fourth past. Don’t get sidetracked by the dots on this site. This KCB setting is much more interesting. And it’s *always* better to learn a tune by ear, even if yo do have to use The Amazing Slowdowner or other such program.

Ward’s Marches

Are the two Wards Marches (track 6) already transcribed on this? Lovely tunes!