Casadh Na Taoide - Turning The Tide

By Liadan

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  1. Bimis Ag Ol
    Captain’s Hill
    Oro Downey
  2. You Broke My Cup And Saucer
    The Caherline Chasa
  3. Angel’s Whisper
  4. Bualadh An Chasuir
    Road To Finter
    Eel In The Sink
    High Road To Glin
  5. Ocum An Phriosun
  6. Leverette
    Queen Of Connaught
  7. Bold Atlantic
  8. Trip To Blackpool
    John Lewis’
    The Old Forge
  9. Tomas Ban Mac Aoghain
  10. Early In The Month Of Spring
  11. The Clothier’s March
  12. Mist Covered Mountain
    Spotted Dog
    Da Lass Dat Made The Bed For Me

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Band new Cd

This Cd will soon be available on liadan new website and through shops check their myspace for tour dates

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Re: Casadh Na Taoide - Turning The Tide

Catherine Clohessey (Flute & Vocals)
Claire Dolan (Fiddle & Vocals)
Deidre Chawke (Piano Accordion & Vocals)
Elaine Cormican (Whistles & Vocals)
Síle Denvir (Harp & Vocals)
Valerie Casey (Fiddle & Vocals)

The band’s website is defunct.

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