The Chieftains 7

By The Chieftains

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Tune List Expansion

Here is an expanded tune list for The Chieftains 7:

1. Here We Go Again
a. Tarbolton (reel)
b. Lucy Campbell (reel)
c. Carolan’s Receipt for Drinking (air)
d. Tomgraney Castle (hornpipe) (AKA The Humours of Tuamgraney, AKA Loch Levan Castle)
e. The Dark Haired Lass (reel)
f. The Morning Star (reel)

2. Dochas
a. Amhran Dochas (air)
b. Cait ni Dhuibhir (air) (AKA Kate Dwyer)

3. Hedigan’s Fancy (slip jig)

4. John O’Connor and the Ode to Whiskey (airs)

5. Friel’s Kitchen
a. Bimid ag ol Is a’ Dogadh (jig)
b. An Buachaill Dreoite (hornpipe)
c. Sean Reid’s Reel (AKA The West Wind)

6. No. 6 The Coombe
a. Chuimhne an Phiobaire (air) (AKA The Piper Remembered)
b. The Repeal of the Union (reel)
c. The Duke of Leinster (reel)

7. O’Sullivan’s March
a. O’Sullivan’s March
b. An Sean Duine (march)

8. The Ace and Deuce of Pipering (set dance)

9. The Fairies’ Lamentation & Dance
a. The Fairies’ Lamentation (air)
b. The Fairies’ Dance (hornpipe)

10. Oh! The Breeches Full of Stiches
a. Where Lilies Bloom (polka) (AKA Denis Doody’s)
b. The Britches Full of Stiches (polka)
c. Up and Away (polka)
d. Kilfenora Jig (slide) (AKA The Old Favorite)
e. Mary Willie’s (slide) (AKA The Gleanntan Slide)