Light Through The Leaves

By Various Artists

  1. Rook’s Secret
    The Light Through The Leaves
    The Walls Of Liscaroll
  2. The Concert
    The Longford
  3. The Humours Of Ballyloughlin
  4. Sean Reid’s
    Sean Sa Cheo
  5. The Dear Irish Boy
  6. Connie Connell’s
  7. The Banks Of The Lee
  8. The Humours Of Allegheny
    A Ghost Of His Former Self
  9. Gerry Commane’s
    Paddy Taylor’s
  10. Jim Neary’s
    The Banks Of Lough Gamhna
  11. Rice’s Flute
    Ril Bheara
  12. Se Fath Mo Bhuartha
  13. McMahon’s Fancy
  14. Jackson’s Frieze Coat
    Bobby Gardner’s
  15. O’Beirne’s
    The Old Bush
  16. The Earl’s Chair
    Larry Redigan’s

Three comments

Light Through the Leaves

Here’s an album of "Traditional Irish wind Instrumentals". the tunes are all on whistle, flute or pipes. Players are: Tim Britton, Larry McCullough, Noel Rice, Bill Ochs, Al Purcell, Mark Roberts, Richard Hughes and Mike Rafferty

This is a very old album. It was recorded by Mick Moloney and first released as an LP over thirty years ago. It’s uneven but it should be in every fluter’s collection if only for the young Mike Rafferty and the even younger Mark Roberts.

Re: Light Through The Leaves

14 of these tracks can be purchased on "iTunes" for £3.99 - listed there as "Irish Wind Music".

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