By Vicki Swan And Jonny Dyer

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  1. Spencer The Rover
  2. Sliptease
  3. Lavenders Blue
    Poppy’s Present
  4. Two For A Pair
    One For His Nob
    Two For His Heels
  5. The Two Magicians
  6. The Race For Home
    Apples And Chairs
  7. Sweet Lovely Joan
  8. Logan Rock
  9. Sweet Polly Oliver
    The Winter Wedding
  10. Tystnaden I Regnet
  11. Young Hunting

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Recorded in 2005 this album has got original tunes and traditional songs on it. Scottish Smallpipes, Flute, Accordion, Guitar and quite a bit of singing.


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Vicki and jonny

I saw them in York (Black Swan) a couple of years ago and really enjoyed them. It was especially memorable because my mate B. who had recently got himself some SSP and Vicki was so helpful with advice during a chat after the gig. But that’s the way these guys are - delightful to meet and great musicians.