Traditional Irish Music Played On The Concert Flute

By Marcus Hernon

  1. The Maid Of Mount Cisco
    The Flogging
  2. The Fairy
    Trip To Kinvara
  3. O’Brien’s
    The Lark In The Morning
  4. The Cuckoo’s Nest
  5. The Boy In The Gap
    The Banshee
  6. Tim Maloney
    Christmas Eve
  7. The Ship In Full Sail
    The Connaught Man’s Rambles
  8. Trim The Velvet
    The Woman Of The House
  9. The Maid Behind The Bar
    The Maid Behind The Bar
  10. Marcus’ Favourite
  11. Larkin’s Beehive
    Ormond Sound
  12. Garrett Barry’s
    Sporting Paddy
  13. Paidin O’Rafferty’s
    The Butcher’s March
  14. Lord McDonald
    The Old Bush
  15. Down The Broom
    The Gatehouse Maid

Seven comments

I bought this years ago in Ireland as a cassette. It was issued in 1984, with Carl Hession on piano. I believe it was only ever available as a cassette from a GTD, a record company based in Galway

The tracks had many tune names missing. I have supplied the ones I know but I am terrible for tune names so if any one knows the missing names please let me know so I can alter the listing.

Oddly Marcus Hernon does not mention it on his web site.

Overall good playing but dreadful sound quality

Flute Geezer Tape

Was track 1 from this album in the flute geezer tape collection? If so, its mighty fine playing and is it completely unaccompanied by the way?

Not sure which collection 52Paddy is referring to but track 1 of this album is definitely accompanied by piano. I have heard that GTD had a habit of recording artists and then, unknown to them, altering the recordings by adding (often unnecessarily) backing tracks.