The Leitrim Equation

By Various Artists

Three comments

This is a double CD released at the end of Lúnasa’s spell as Leitrim’s musicians in residence and contains a number of recently composed tunes.

The musicians appearing are listed below, in track by track order, with details of said newly composed tunes..

1. Lúnasa.

2. Oliver Loughlin (piano accordion) and Damien O’Brien (fiddle) with Paul Meehan (guitar).

3. Eleanor Shanley (vocals) with Kevin Crawford (flute), Trevor Hutchinson (double bass), John McCartin (guitar) and Paul Meehan.

4. Maurice Lennon (viola).

5. The ‘Courthouse Reel’ and ‘Dave Donohoe’s’ were composed by Shane Meehan. The musicians are Patrick Caryannis (banjo), Louise Devitt (flute), Catherine Gallagher (fiddle), Mossie Martin (fiddle), John McCartin, Shane Meehan (fiddle) and Lúnasa.

6. Michael McNamara (flute), Declan McNamara (flute) and Kevin Crawford.

7. Andy McGovern (banjo), James McGovern (flute). Pádraig McGovern (uilleann pipes), Rachel McGovern (accordion) and John McCartin.

8. The Himalayan Hornpipe was composed by Mossie Martin; musicians - Mossie Martin, Trevor Hutchinson, Shane Meehan, John McCartin and Seán Smyth (fiddle).

9. Liam Kelly (flute) and Tom Morrow (fiddle).

10. John Meehan (whistle) and Shane Meehan.

11. ‘Reel of Rio’ was composed by Seán Ryan. Dave Sheridan (flute) and Seán Smyth with Paul Meehan.

12. The first two tunes were composed by Patrick Caryannis and the last by Paul Meehan; musicians - Patrick Caryannis, Louise Devitt, Catherine Gallagher, Mossie Martin, John McCartin, Shane Meehan and Lúnasa.

13. The author of ‘The Stig Jig’ is John McCartin who appears here with Kevin Crawford and Trevor Hutchinson.

14. Mary McPartlan (vocals).

15. Tom Martin (harmonica) and Mossie Martin.

16. Michael O’Brien (accordion) and Damien O’Brien.

17. ‘Road to Garrison’ was composed by Maurice Lennon’ and ‘Kilty Town Reel’ by his uncle Charlie; musicians - Ben Lennon (fiddle), Maurice Lennon (fiddle), Charlie Lennon (fiddle) and Seán Smyth.

18. Catherine Gallagher wrote ‘The Mighty Ros’ and Mossie Martin ‘Susan Sweeney’s Jig’; musicians - Patrick Caryannis, Louise Devitt, Catherine Gallagher, Mossie Martin, John McCartin, Shane Meehan and Lúnasa.

19. Kevin Loughlin wrote ‘Maguire’s Welcome to Fermanagh’; musicians - Seán Ward (fiddle), Liam Cryan (bodhrán) and Paul Meehan.

20. Dominic Rooney (accordion) and Kevin Crawford with Paul Meehan.

21. Pádraig McGovern with Cillian Vallely (uilleann pipes).

Wrong McKenna’s link

The link that takes you John McKenna’s is the wrong tune. The first tune on this album is a jig, which they didn’t have a name for but knew it came from McKenna. Here’s the ABC the way I see it.

||: d2B BAB dBB BGE D2B BAB GBd edg
d2B BAB dBB BAB GAB dGB GBd e2d :||

||: g3 a3 bge d3 g3 aba gef g2a
bag agf ged edg d2B BAB GBd e2d :||

Kevin seems to play it with a lot of breath pulse during the A part and rolls and cranns in the B part. Good stuff!