Old Irish Melodeon Masterpieces

By Alan Morrisroe

  1. Catty Nell’s #1
    Catty Nell’s #2
  2. The Hairy Man
  3. Catty Nell’s #4
  4. Flogging Your Top
  5. Catty Nell’s #6
  6. Miss McCloud’s
  7. Duke Of Leinster
  8. Boys Of Ballisodare
  9. Gentle Mother
    Moonlight In Mayo
  10. Mrs. Manley’s
  11. Jolly Beggarman
  12. The Blackthorn Stick
    The Three Little Drummers
  13. Paddy In London
  14. Paddy Joe Tighe’s #1
    Granny’s Old
  15. Aunt Mary And Dad’s
  16. Collier’s
  17. Munster Buttermilk
  18. Carracastle Lass
    The Copperplate
  19. Nora Rooney
  20. Granny’s Rare
  21. John Burke’s
  22. The Hunter’s Purse
  23. Tighe’s Rare
  24. Martin Ruane’s #1
    Martin Ruane’s #2
  25. Martin Doherty’s
  26. Leg Of The Duck
  27. Sorry I Am For What I Have Done
  28. The Rocky Road To Dublin
    Granny’s Slip
  29. I Wasn’t The Lad I Thought I Was
    Wise Nora
  30. Honeymoon

Two comments

Fun Live Album with rare tunes from Mayo

Alan Morrisroe is recorded live in New Jersey in a tour-de-force performance in which he resurrects old-style melodeon tunes from County Mayo. Alan’s main source was his own family, notably his grandmother Catty Nell, but his influences include Peter Conlon from the New York golden age and his comtemporary Paddy Joe Tighe. He mixes the tunes with engaging patter and humor which entertains as well as informs. Iris Nevins adds expert fingerstyle guitar.

I finally got it from Iris Nevins using PayPal . Great record recorded live in New Jersy 2008, not so much a resurrection as a continuation of the stream.
Nice accomp by Iris Nevins on guitar

My Gran came from Mayo and was born about the same time as his grandmother so I found it particularly good.