Two Miles To Tulla

By Larry Gavin, Micheál O’Rourke And Charlie Lennon

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  1. The West Wind
    The New Road
  2. The Galway
    The Plains Of Mayo
  3. Cronin’s
    Paddy Fahey’s
  4. Johnny Henry’s
    Mike Preston’s
  5. The Wicked Gander
  6. Redican’s
    The Gowk
  7. Seg’s
    The Wily Old Bachelor
  8. The Maid At The Churn
    The Second Wedding
  9. Jackson’s Bottle Of Claret
    Buttermilk Mary
  10. The Broken Bridge
    Golden Shadows
  11. The Nova Scotia
    The Classic
  12. The Saratoga
    The New Saratoga
  13. Molly Bawn
    The House On The Hill
  14. Will You Come Down To Limerick
    The Hills Of Tipperary

Four comments

Great new record with music from East Clare

Larry Gavin is great old box player, originally from Tyrrellspass, Co. Westmeath, but resident in Clare for years. Plays very much in the style of the great Paddy O’Brien.

Thanks- great CD

Thanks for posting this. Great tunes played beautifully and simply. Many tunes you wouldn’t hear often.


I met Larry back in the 60s and he was living in Ballina(?), Mayo. Could that be his hometown?