Happy Hour

By Donal Murphy

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What can you say? Just very tasty box playing.

Shouldn’t ‘Moss Murphy’s’ read ‘Boss Murphy’s’? And isn’t it ‘Gneeveguilla’?

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In fact it should Gneevegullia, or to be more precise Gniomh go Leith. I’ve copied the spelling on the album; this place name seems to get many spelling versions. This particular tune is not in the data base as far as I can find, being a slide under that name

and Moss Murphy’s is correct

Which "West Kerry" polka is the first tune?

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I know the tune but have no name for it myself

Except to say it is not the tune to which the data base links it

If it’s not in the database, is there any chance of you submitting it? 🙂

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Speed Kills!

Lovely sounding reeds, and some ‘tasty playing’, it’s a shame he spoils it all by with manic speed. The poor rag is torn to shreds, and the slides and polkas suffer similar abuse…

However, those sweet reeds, the handling of the reels, jigs and hornpipes almost earn enough forgiveness for me to consider adding it to my list of wants… 😉

And so it goes ~ it is now in our collection of listens. 🙂

Nope, it isn’t. It seems a friend had lent me his copy for a spell but we are still without this one, though we have other recordings featuring his squeezin’… So it’s still on the wants list, but remains a ways down on that list, not a priority. 😎

Re: Happy Hour

anyone know who played on this recording? Steve Cooney?

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