The First Turn

By Daoirí Farrell

  1. McShane
  2. Boozing
  3. The Pool Song
  4. The Mickey Dam
  5. Bound For Van Dieman’s Land
  6. The Creggan White Hare
  7. John O’Dreams
  8. The Little Drummer
  9. The Shamrock Shore
  10. Tippin’ It Up To Nancy

Three comments

The First Turn

Debut album from Dublin singer, Daoirí Farrell. A great young singer, very true to the tradition with a fantastic range of accompanying musicians:

James Ryan: Guitar, Mandola, Tenor guitar, Backing Vocals
Alan Doherty: Flutes, whistles, percussion, backing vocals
Robbie Walsh: bodhrán
John Ryan: Bouzouki
Seán Regan: gob music!
Martin Moran: Electric guitar

This is an album of solid songs, humorous and patriotic (amongst others.) Check out his myspace page for more