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Barry Brady: button accordion

Jonas Fromseier: Greek bouzouki, banjo, tenor guitar

Danny Diamond: fiddle

Dominic Keogh: bodhran

young musicians from Galwa, sounds like an old De Dannan from the 70’s.


And which part of Galway does Jonas Fromseier come from? 🙂

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Just wanted to point out this error before anyone else does- the first tune of the first set is McDonagh’s, not McDermott’s…oops.

by the way, you can get more info on the Fromsiers of Galway, upcoming gigs (& even buy the cd if you fancy it) at

Highly Recommended

I was at a session a few weeks ago, one of my regular ones, and Danny Diamond came in. I was impressed with his fiddling so I decided to buy this album. I am quite happy I did it is brilliant, the music is lively and rife with character. Probably one of the best Trad bands to come out in quite some time. So as my heading suggests I highly recommend this CD.

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