A Traveler’s Dream

By Maggie Sansone

  1. The Humours Of Rockstown
    Paddy Lynn’s Delight
    Ril Roscomain
  2. Samhain Set: All Hallows Eve
    The Seeker
  3. Bear Dance
  4. Go To Berwick, Johnny
  5. Farewell To Nigg
  6. The Seas Are Deep
  7. The Flower Among Us All
    Johnny Armstrong
  8. Helen O’Grady
    The Drops Of Brandy
  9. The Banks Of The Barrow
  10. A Traveler’s Dream
  11. The Green Fields Of Woodford
    A Morning In Summer
  12. South Uist
    Cape Breton Wedding

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A Traveler’s Dream by Maggie Sansone

The hammered dulcimer usually is not given a good reception in Irish music but the listener will be pleasantly surprised with the expansion of this instrument- played as melody and as rhythm-and with expressiveness , use of damper pedals to cut the sustain, and with an interesting combination of instruments including: Clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, bamboo flute,alto flute, melodica, soprano saxophone, xaphoon, accordion, kalimba,piano, organ, electric bass, xylophone, piccolo, frame drums,medieval snare drum, bells, temple blocks & shakers;Acoustic guitar & Ashiko drum; Scottish fiddle & viola; Irish flute;Celtic harp;Irish fiddle;Swedish fiddle
Mandolin & cittern;Viola da gamba;Bodhran, tabla & dombek
slit drum, mondo drums & marimba, It was produced by Bobby Read- who tours with Bruce Hornsby Band and former member of Trapazoid. Here’s what the recording artist says:
" I