Traditional Fiddle Music Of Cape Breton Volume 3 Bras D’Or House

By Various Artists

  1. O’er The Moor To Kitty
    Lady Charlotte Primrose
    Morgan MacQuarrie
    Michael Anthony MacLean’s Favorite
  2. Sandy MacIntyre’s March
    Kitchener’s Army
    The Hawthorn Tree Of Cawdor
    The Haughs Of Cromdale
    Father Francis Cameron’s
    Miss Shepherd
  3. Caledonia’s Wails For Niel Gow
    Brisk Bob
    Curragh Races
    The Musical Priest
    My Gentle Milk Maid
  4. Bras D’Or House
    General Longstreet
    Mabou Communications
  5. The Concert March
    The Connoisseur
    The Marquis Of Huntly
    Neil R. MacDonald
    Atholian Hills
    Tom Rae
  6. Joe And Marguerite’s Anniversary
    Jamie Gow
  7. Miss Susan Cooper
    Rannie MacLellan’s
  8. Beautiful Lake Ainslie
    John Roy Stewart
    Dan Galbey
  9. Mrs. Major L. Stewart Of The Island Of Java
    Long Bass
    Mary’s Fancy
  10. McPhederan’s
    Boys Of Blue Hill
  11. The March Of The Cameron Men
    The Braes Of Tullymet
    The Joys Of Mabou Coal Mines
    The ’38 Ford
  12. Memories Of Jim Smith
    Miss Alexanderina MacDougall
    The Musical Watchmaker
    Marry Me Now
  13. Niel Gow’s Lament For The Death Of His Second Wife
    Braes Of Dunvegan
    Miss Stewart Of Garth
    Miss Hope Of Pinkie
    Kate Dunlay’s
    The Alexander II
  14. Teviot Bridge
  15. The Glencoe March
    The Boy’s Lament For His Dragon
    Miss Jessie Smith
    Lady Mary Ramsay
    Homeward Bound
    Jenny Dang The Weaver

Two comments

Released in 2008 to less than no fanfare - Rounder don’t even list it or volume 4 on their website, doesn’t appear to be available from Rhapsody, etc. Appalling. It does show up on Paul Cranford’s site, of course:

One novel piece is a solo from Gordon MacLean on the parlor organ, which was used as backing before pianos became ubiquitous.

Artists in sequence are:

Theresa Morrison
Joe Peter MacLean
Wilfred Prosper
Charlie MacCuspic & Michael Anthony MacLean
Carl MacKenzie
Theresa Morrison
Bussy, Maynard and Christine
Paul Wukitsch
Father Francis and Janet Cameron
Gordon MacLean
Charlie MacCuspic
Wilfred Prosper and Gordon MacLean
Theresa Morrison
Kenneth and Marion MacLeod
Joe Peter MacLean