By The Voice Squad

  1. The Coventry Carol
  2. The Cocks Are Crowing
  3. The Sheepstealers
  4. A Stór Mo Chroí
  5. Jimmy Murphy
  6. I Am Stretched On Your Grave
  7. Good People All
  8. The Brown And The Yellow Ale
  9. Sarah Jane
  10. Down In Yon Forest
  11. A Fond Kiss
  12. Annan Waters
  13. The Parting Glass

Two comments


I haven’t listened to this recording yet but I’ll start off by telling you that the Voice Squad comprises of three singers: Phil Callery, Fran McPhail and Gerry Cullen. Will comment more when I have a listen.

Lovely stuff. Fantastic trio of singers, great peaceful yet soulful music.