High Clouds

By Greenfield Dance Band

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High Clouds

This is my favorite recording on contradance music. The band is cheerful and high energy with lots of great harmonies between the fiddles. All the playing is smooth and well-rehearsed: they do a lot of very cool things that would only work for a band that has been playing together for over 25 years. It would be worth the while for any contra musician who hasn’t heard David Kaynor’s work before to find a copy of this album. It is simply quite wonderful.

Band Members - David Kaynor: fiddle; Mary Cay Brass: piano, accordian; Peter Siegel: mandolin, tenor banjo, feet; Stuart Kenney: upright bass

Special Guests - Van Kaynor: fiddle; Mary Lea: fiddle; Susan Conger: fiddle; Michael Kerry: mandolin, tenor banjo, bouzouki

released in 2003

Re: High Clouds

I tweaked the name of the “The Irish-American” to just “Irish American” so that it would pick up the ABC already in the Troy McGilvary Live CD