By Pumpkinhead

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  1. Here Comes A Man
  2. Joe O’Dowd’s
    Maid Of The Spinning Wheel
  3. Richland Woman’s Blues
  4. Crackbone Tune
  5. Nora’s Dove
  6. Paddy Fahy’s
    Down The Strand
  7. Wild West Show
  8. Wedding Dress
  9. Comfort You
  10. Corner House
    Hand Me Down The Tackling
  11. Miss You
  12. ‘Se Fáth Mo Bhuartha
    The Maid Behind The Bar
  13. Are You Ready For The Country?
  14. Cedars Of Lebanon

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The very first release on the Mulligan label back in 1975, this featured Thom Moore (vocals, 12-string guitar and doira - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dayereh), Kathy Moore (vocals, mandolin, guitars and fiddle), Sandi Epping (vocals, mandolin, guitars and fiddle) and Rick Epping (background vocals, harmonica, jew’s harp, tin whistle and concertina).

Why four US citizens should be the first to record on what was then The Bothy Band’s fledgling label is lost in the mist of Mulligan Towers, but the album also featured Clannad’s Ciarán Brennan (double bass), Robbie Brennan (drums, congas), Kevin Burke (on ‘Cedars of Lebanon’), the late Jimmy Faulkner (slide guitar), Dónal Lunny (bouzouki and b.v.) and Andy Rice (tuba).

Tracks 1, 4 and 14 were composed by Thom Moore; 3 by Mississipi John Hurt; 7 by Sandi Epping; 9 by Van the Man; 11 by Kathy Moore; and 13 by Neil Young.

Thom Moore went on to form Midnight Well and is still active as a solo singer. Rick Epping is currently playing with Cathy Jordan and Seamie O’Dowd in The Unwanted. Sandi went on to work for Claddagh. I’ve no idea The band’s manager, Paul McGuinness (and it was his first break in the business), ended up in charge of some boy band called U2.

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Ah, if only we could edit ‘comments’. Ignore the extraneous ‘I’ve no idea’.

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Pumkin Head

Late 1975 - actually it was the Sunday night of the Halloween Weekend and Pumkin Head played in a local bar on Clambrassil St, Dundalk, Co Louth Ireland.
What a night. What a band.
I met Thom a few times since and Kathy once at a (fiddle) bow-makers in Belgium.I was gutted they had broken up. Other that Steeleye Span few bands ever had the impact these two had on my fiddlin’ soul.

Catalogue Number

Hi Macacos me mordam, do you (or anybody else) by any chance have the catalogue number for that Pumkinhead release? Is it too much to assume it is Mul001. Just checking.


Actually, found that. Sorry.

Pumpkinheads recording

Is it possible to get this bands recording by cd, record or down loaded. Thanks. Jim.


As far as I am aware the album was never reissued in CD format. It certainly also doesn’t seem to be available in MP3 format.

I strongly suspect that the master tapes for the album were lost when the major pressing plant in Dublin burnt down some years back.

I’ve a copy of the album. Send me a PM and maybe we can work something out.

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Corrections by Sandi from Pumpkinhead…cheers

Some corrections on your information on Pumpkinhead. First, it was myself (Sandi [then Epping] Miller who played fiddle, guitar, mandolin and sang lead and back up vocals. KATHY MOORE played autoharp and sang. It was I who you met in Belgium and was studying violin making in Holland, at the time, and later Switzerland. Des Kelly was our manager in Dublin (along with Planxty). The connection between Mulligan Records and Pumpkinhead was Donal Lunny who used to do the odd gig/television with us and organized the recording. Bands in those days were like a big family…we shared a lot of stages with Planxty and later Rick and I with the Bothy Band in Europe. Ours was the first LP to be released on the Mulligan label…just a timing thing. The album never was transfered to CD (unlike Midnight Well’s LP) because of some hang up with the person who housed the master tapes… better to download it on MP3 available online. Just look up Pumpkinhead. Great to see interest is still here…it was a fun album to record. See my Facebook page (Sandi Miller) for more old pictures and other Pumpkinhead stuff! Cheers!

Re: Pumpkinhead

Greetings, Everyone!

I am interested in having a copy of the Pumpkinhead album to play on my folk radio program. Does a CD or a download of this album exist anywhere? Does anyone have a copy?

Thank you for your help!



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Re: Pumpkinhead

Hi Lee - the comment 2 posts above came from a "Pumpkinhead" band member - your best plan would be to ask her for help. Failing that I have an original copy of the LP record, although I’m not certain what kind of state it is in these days. If Sandi above can’t help, - with her permission, - I could possibly take the album to the radio station where I present a local weekly folk / traditional music programme, and try to get it digitised into a suitable format to send to you. If you want to buy the album itself, make me an offer, but I would check the condition for you first. Hope this might help. Kenny

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