First Things First

By Ailie Robertson

  1. The Exploding Bow
    The Lisnagun
    Swerving For Bunnies
  2. Micho Russel’s
    Na Goisidich
  3. The Favourite Dram
  4. Donald, Willie And His Dog
  5. Spirits
  6. President Garfield’s
    Marry Me Now
  7. The Humours Of Scariff
    Good Spirits
  8. The Futterat With The Grey Tail
    North Highland Dance
    Ray And Kevin’s
  9. Sands Of Hosta
  10. Angus Nicholson’s Trip To Barra
    Port Sean Seosamh (John Joe’s)
    Would The Minister Not Dance?
  11. The Angels’ Share
    Taureen Derby

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Is that you hiding there, Ailie ? If so, congratulations on the recording, and I hope it does well for you.
Kenny - from "The Splore".

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