Celtic Cafe

By Karen Ashbrook And Paul Oorts

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  1. Breton Dance
    The Star Of Munster
  2. Máirin De Barra
  3. Siobhan O’Donnell’s
    Handsome Young Maidens
  4. Style Musette
  5. Hong Herald
  6. Bear Island
    Séan Sa Cheo
    Hong Herald
  7. Behind The Bush In The Garden
    Sergeant Early
    Lady Anne Montgomery
  8. Colonne La Gavre
    La Marchande
  9. Valse Petit Déjeuner
  10. Wel Island
    Chimes Of Dunkirk
  11. Paspie Menuet
    Mr. Waller
  12. Gathering At Waterloo
    Will You Go To Flanders?
  13. Wellington
  14. Victor
  15. Waterloo
  16. Bonaparte
  17. The Battle
    The Retreat
  18. Lamentation For The Fallen Heroes Of Waterloo
  19. The 78th’s Farewell To Belgium

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Celtic Cafe- Irish, Flemish, French and Scottish tunes

Celtic Caf