Between Earth And Sky

By Robin Bullock

  1. The Black Diamond
    The Seven-Pointed Star
  2. Feunteun An Aod
  3. The Rakes Of Clonmel
    The Trip To The Cottage
  4. Sir Charles Coote
    Captain Higgins
  5. Stefan And Liz’s
  6. Between Earth And Sky
  7. Oregon Ridge
    Brew House
  8. Rigler’s March
    Rex’s Rambles
  9. Soldier’s Return
  10. Jack 0’Diamonds
    Merrily Kiss The Quaker
  11. Johnny Don’t Get Drunk
    Miss Monaghan
  12. Carolan’s Quarrel With The Landlady
  13. Free Flight
  14. Tiger Baby’s Lullaby

Three comments

Between Earth & Sky- the pulse of Celtic music by Robin Bullock

This CD contains incredible finger-picking on 6 & 12 string guitar in the style of John Renbourn and flat-picking on guitar and cittern, lighting speed, impeccable technique by sought after session player and teacher- Robin Bullcock. Here’s a short bio:
About Robin Bullock who is hailed as a “flatpicking master” (Baltimore Sun). He’s one of a handful of masters of the cittern, a flat-backed double-strung instrument. He roams the musical landscape freely with a wide palette of skills and energy. He’s hard- driving flatpicker, a lyrical fingerstyle guitarist and an old-time swing fiddler, all in one. Robin

Other recordings

I was introduced to Robin’s playing through my lessons with Chris Norman a number of years ago, and although flute is my instrument of choice for playing, I absolutely love Robin’s recordings. On that note, I encourage everyone to check out his other CDs, which include “Midnight Howl” and “The Lightning Fields”. I know he has at least one other CD as well, and although I’ve never heard it, based on the 3 CDs of his that I have, I can only assume that any recording of his must be amazing.

Title track speaks to me of Phil Keaggy

Or to a lesser degree Gerry O’Beirne.

Both grab me and carry me away and then let me gently back to earth, and this album and particularly this tune are no different.

From me, these are the highest accolades.

Does anyone know if Robin lists Phil as an influence?

Truly marvelous.