The Drones And The Chanters

By Various Artists

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The Ladies’ Pantalettes following what?

The track referred to as "The Ladies’ Pantalettes" on this recording - played by Willie Clancy - is actually a set of two reels. The second one is "The Ladies’ Pantalettes", does anyone know the name of the first one?

"The Drones And The Chanters: Irish Pipering Vol. 1" ~ the pipers


1 - 6: Séamus Ennis

7: Peadar Broe

8 & 9: Leo Rowsome

10 - 12: Paddy Moloney

13: Dan Dowd

14 - 16: Tommy Reck

17: Leo Rowsome

18 - 21: Willie Clancy

"Trip To Durrow"…1st recording ?

Paddy Moloney plays a fine version of "The Trip To Durrow" on this recording. I’m just curious, but does anyone know of it ever having been recorded before this ?

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Re: The Drones And The Chanters

@Kenny, 8 years later, yes. According to Alan Ng’s sight, which I generally trust when it comes to recording dates, that tune was first recorded in 1960 by fiddler Seán Ryan, whereas Moloney recorded it in 1971. Further, the tune was composed by Ryan’s friend, fiddler Dan Cleary, after whom Ryan named one of his own reels, so it would make sense that Ryan would be one of the first to record his friend’s tune.