In The Time Of

By Edel Sullivan

  1. Albyn’s Journey
    London Winter
    The Snowy
  2. McCarthy’s
  3. South Mall
  4. 30 Degrees
    The Blue Mountain
  5. Ravi & Aisling’s Wedding Air
    Off To The Island
    Billy Rush’s Own
  6. The Wedding
  7. Red Sky
  8. Climbing The Stairs
    Feakle Reel No. 1
    Feakle Reel No. 2
  9. Dan Sullivan’s
    Ballydesmond No. 1
    Ballydesmond No. 2
  10. Winnie Hayes
    The Flickering Bit
  11. In The Time Of
  12. The Driveway
    Speeding In Beauly
  13. Coast Of Austria
    Trip To Cullenstown

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First solo album by Edel Sullivan. Produced by Donncha Moynihan of Calico.
Joined by musicians: Brid Dunne (piano), Ilse deZiah (‘cello), Brian Hanlon (guitar/bodhran), Aideen Curtin (flute), Edel Mc Laughlin (piano accordion), Christy Leahy (box), Donncha Moynihan and Barry O’ Donavan (guitar).

well done Edel, i look forward to hearing this



and what instrument does Edel Sullivan play ? Can a recording featuring 8 additional musicians be accurately described as a solo recording ? Presumably in posting this here you are recommending it. I think you need to provide a bit more information as to what people can expect for their money. You could perhaps tell us a bit about Edel, and the music on the recording. This is merely a polite request for more information. Thank you.

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Anyone home ?

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Polite request? When your subject line is "Eh……" and you follow up the next day with "anyone home?" it doesn’t strike me as polite.