Café Du Bon Coin

By Tri Yann

  1. Les Programmeurs
  2. La Ville Que J’ai Tant Aimé AKA
    The Town I Loved So Well
  3. Kan Peoc’h
  4. O’Carolan’s Devotion
    ‘Irish Dances’
  5. Kalonkadour AKA
    Planxty Irwin
  6. La Ville De La Rochelle
  7. An Tourter
  8. Irish Coffee
    Abigail Judge
  9. Aventurou Marian
  10. Chanson à Boire
  11. Complainte De Yla Madalen
  12. Les Chevaux Du Mene-bre

Two comments

Tri Yann vintage 1983.
This band is/was very popular -in France, mostly. They are well known for bringing Breton, Quebecois, Irish, Scottish tunes, etc to a large audience before the term Celtic became widely used. They’re well known for their historic / geographic / genre blends albums and concerts, which have proved somewhat contentious. (folk vs. trad. and all that jazz…)
The candour and enthousiasm of the 1970’s recordings/gigs were very infectious indeed. Practically they were a portal into a new world of sounds and songs for a whole generation.
From our point of view, there are some interesting tracks on this album, notably a French version of Phil Coulter’s famous song (not quite trad!) and some attractive string arrangement on the Irish tracks.

Help with Tune ID needed:

Track No4 can be heard at:

Could anyone help with the identification of the 1st and 2nd dance*? Many thanks.
(Hopefully the video won’t have disappeared in the meantime)

T4)a) O’Carolan’s Devotion (air)[0’00"->]
b) ? [2’20->]
c) The Dancing Master [3’22->]
d) ? [4’53->]
e) Julia Delaney’s [5’34" til the end]

*That means you’ll have to listen to the track, yes: whether you like it or not! 😉