On A Meadowlark Night: Dance Music From New England, Ireland, Scotland, Québec, And Cape Breton

By Eric Eid-Reiner And Friends

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  1. Relevé
    The Puppeteer
    A Poke And A Tickle
  2. Rannie MacLellan’s
    Union Street Session
    Wake Up To Cape Breton
  3. Forgotten Fantasy
    The Room
    The Lemon Walk
  4. Trip To Herve’s
    Farral O’Gara
    Le Gadilederot
  5. Waltz Of The Floating Bridge
  6. Calliope House
    Andy DeJarlis’
  7. Path To The Belfry
  8. Reel De Montréal
    La Bastringue
    Old French
  9. Kevin Keegan’s #1
    North Carolina Breakdown
  10. Mariposa
    Reel Africain
    Sweet Grandmother’s Spatula
  11. Neil Gow’s Lamentation For The Death Of His Second Wife
  12. Journey To The Heartland
    The Flying Tent
  13. On A Meadowlark Night
  14. Roof For The Rain
    Lady Of The Lake
    Shenandoah Falls
  15. I Lost My Love
    The Wild One!
    Up On The Brow
  16. Sayre
  17. The Salvation
    The Reconciliation

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Info on the CD

This CD features Eric Eid-Reiner on piano, along with Andy Reiner (fiddle, mandolin), Dave Reiner (fiddle), Ken Kolodner (hammered dulcimer), Kimberly Fraser (fiddle, feet), Anna Grosslein (flute), Billy Novick (clarinet), and Will Lydgate (bass).

Check out www.EricEid-Reiner.com or www.cdbaby.com/ericeidreiner2 to order the CD, hear mp3 samples, and read more about it.