Comhaltas On Tour 1983

By Various Artists

  1. The Moving Cloud
  2. Na Ceannabhain Bhana
  3. Molly What Ails You ?
    Come West Along The Road
  4. Courting Is A Pleasure
  5. Rince Scioboil
  6. The Donegal Traveller
    Gan Ainm
  7. Cath Cheim An Fhia
  8. The Sweeps
  9. Charlie Lennon’s#4
    The Donegal Tinker
  10. Lord MacDonald
    The Drunken Tinker
  11. Hornpipe Solo
  12. The Maid Of Ballygow
  13. Over The Moor To Maggie
    Jack Dolan’s
  14. Caoine Na DTri Muire
  15. Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie
  16. Lough Sheelin Side
  17. The Pidgeon On The Gate
    Cregg’s Pipes

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I couldn’t find any info about this online.

I bought it in the Oxfam on Byres Road in Glasgow a couple of months ago.

Just got round to converting vinyl to ipod.

excellent banjo work on here from Cathal Hayden.
also a young Michael Flatley plays some decent flute on a couple!

01 The Moving Cloud - Michael Flatley
02 Na Ceannabhain - Thomas Keane
03 Molly What Ails You?, Come West Along The Road - Jimmy McGreevy & Maire Ni Chathasaigh
04 Courting Is A Pleasure - Rita Gallagher
05 Rince Scioboil - Marcus O Murchu & Paddy Fallon
06 Reel Selectio - Michelle O’Sullivan & Maire Ni Chathasaigh
07 Cath Cheim an Fhia - Sean O Croinin
08 The Sweeps Hornpipe - Sean Norman & Liam Bermingham
09 The Fermanagh Reel, Deirdre Shannon’s Favourite - Cathal Hayden
10 Lord MacDonald, The Drunken Tinker - John Regan & Finian de Brun
11 Hornpipe Solo - Maire Ni Chathasaigh
12 The Maid of Ballygow - Paddy Berry
13 Over The Moor To Maggie, Jack Dolan’s Reel - John Carlos & Treasa Ni Cheannaigh
14 Caoine na dTri Muire - Neil Mulligan
15 Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie - Maeve Donnelly & Treasa Ni Cheannaigh
16 Lough Sheelin Side - Patsy Garrihy
17 The Pidgeon on the Gate, Kreggs Pipes - Michael Flatley

You never cease to amaze!!


C.on T.

Just a little pedantic note: the cover of this one does list track two by it’s full name : Na Ceannabháin Bhána

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