Ae Spark O Nature’s Fire

By Deaf Shepherd

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Ae Spark o Nature’s Fire: the Debut Album of the terrific Scottish Band

Deaf Shepher are Clare McLaughlin (fiddle), John Morran (guitar and vocal), Rory Campbell (pipes and whistles), Malcolm Stitt (bouzouki and guitar), and Angus McLaghlin (bodhran).

I always regret Scottish folk music is overwhelmed by commercially successful Irish trad. music. I appreciate both, but I cannot understand why this band is not so well known as Lunasa or Solas.

In my opinion, Deaf Shepherd is similar to Solas (though the American band is now away from the traditional music). All the members are individually prominent musicians; it characterizes acoustic approaches with some modern arrangement; and it features both lyrical and passionate sets.

If you think Scottish folk music is less attractive than Irish one, try this band. I’m sure it will rock you.