The Gaelic Heritage: Traditional Music From Connemara

By Various Artists

  1. Parnell’s March
  2. For Ireland, I’ll Not Tell Her Name
  3. The Salamanca
    Michael Dwyer’s
  4. Long Mor Na Burcac
  5. The Piper’s Broken Finger
    Lord Gregory
  6. Rosaveel
  7. Bunch Of Green Rushes
    Ryan’s Rant
  8. The Broken Pledge
    Master Crowley’s
  9. Cailin An Cuil Carbaoi
  10. Donall Og
  11. Untitled Sean-Nos
  12. Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel
  13. The Green Valley
  14. The Humours Of Toomagh
    The Cashmere Shawl

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Rather infuriatingly this disc, from the Ocora, Radio France label, says very little about the performers, especially on instrumental tracks;
4 is sung by Martin O’Soole;
5 played by “members of the Lewis family”;
6, A. MacDonagh;
9, Mary Mullen;
11, Martin O’Soole;
12, Nancy Costelloe;
13, C. Lawrence;
14, “members of the Lewis family”.

I’ve long been puzzled about this album too and found this on the IRTRAD-L list, penned by Philippe Varlet.

’I assume you are talking about the CD subtitled “Heritage gaelique et traditions du Connemara [Gaelic Heritage and traditions from Connemara]” (Ocora C 580029).

’Just to set the record straight, so to speak, this is not one of the most glorious stories in the record industry. The producer
Josyane Beriou pretty much pirated recordings provided by Radio na Gaeltacht or recorded people under false pretenses--saying it was for a radio show, and never mentioning a CD. Flute and whistle player Neansai Finnerty (Nancy Costello on the record), who now works for RG, discovered she was on the album when I played it for her years ago while she was visiting the DC area.

’Other performers identified are the Lewis family, who recorded the LP “Weeds in the Garden” (1978) for Tara: John (flute), Breda (mandolin), Patsy (concertina), and Liam (fiddle). Liam is an excellent fiddler whose playing was recently featured on the CD “The Bowhouse Quintet.” Singers
Martin O‘Soole, Mary Mullen, and A. Mac Donagh are also identified. But I haven’t been able to find out who the piper was. Perhaps it was Jackie Small, who at the time played pipes in the Galway-based band Aengus, with Tony Small, Garry O’Briain, and guest fiddler Maurice Lennon.’

I’m sure the name ‘O’Soole’ is completely wrong since there isn’t a single person of that name in the Eircom phonebook. I don’t think the piper is Jackie Small, but it might be Tomás Ó Ceannabháin.

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great, cheers for all that!
I also love the song sung by “C. Lawrence” - who is she? Fabulous voice!
I had a feeling that ‘O’Soole‘ was probably the more common O’Toole.

It’d be nice to know the names of those fantastic reels on the fiddle…

finally worked out what those reels were - see track 7. But the 2nd tune on the whistle track (track 3) isn’t Michael Dwyer’s - it’s a reel; which one? And I’m not sure if there’s another tune after Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel, or if it’s just variants.

Hmm, nor does the final tune sound like Hut in the Bog…

The final tune is the Cashmere Shawl. A tune closely related to the Hut in the Bog, but not quite. To add to the confusion, the Cashmere Shawl is often called the Hut in the Bog.